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Hello and Welcome!

 With so many options at your fingertips, searching for the perfect team to execute your projects can feel overwhelming.

You need to find the talent you can trust. Someone with years of knowledge and experience who has the energy and fire to bring your campaigns to life. Time is precious, time is irreplaceable, time is money and we do not waste time.

 Two decades of experience working with a diverse variety of brands, teams and crews all over the country is what makes Manny Correia the perfect commercial photographer for all your campaigns. Manny’s passion for creating excellence in the industry sets him apart. His vast industry knowledge allows him to move from director to photographer with ease. You can see Manny’s work on shelves, magazine ads and billboards all over the world.

We offer a comprehensive service from casting to set building to final media delivery. Allow our full-service approach to take your budget further with our efficient dedicated staff. Our fun and energetic dedication to you is proven on the first assignment and every assignment to follow. Work with our professional team and breathe new life into your brands and cultivate ideas together.

Reach out today!

Your project is important to us. Call 401-692-0885 or send a message below.

Thank you

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